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Dr. Earles Hair and Scalp System Reviews, Ratings, and Client Questions

Hair System Reviews

“I have been using Dr. Earles’ products over the last 4 years and they truly helped me to combat dandruff while maintaining my usual shampoo schedule. I’ve recommended the products to all of my family and friends”.

Kirstyn F., Chicago, IL

Hello Dr. Earles. I found your website while surfing the internet. I bought your products for my husband. He had a terrible problem with dry itch scalp. He would scratch so much that his hair thinned out on the top and his scalp would be red. He would scratch his head without realizing that he was scratching. He said he felt a dramatic difference in his scalp the very first time he used your products. He said that later on in the day he felt strange, and finally realized that he wasn't scratching. WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!

Stacy B., Washington, DC

I heard about your product through a friend who was a patient of yours.  She let me try a small amount of your cream and shampoo a while ago and it worked wonders. Someone else told me that I could go online to order it and the rest is history.  I love your product and it has helped me tremendously!!!

Christal W., Chicago, IL

“I have been using Dr. Earles products over the last 4 years and it truly helped  me to combat dandruff while maintaining my usual shampoo schedule.  I have  recommended the products to all of my family and friends.”  

– Kathy Liu

“I never had a problem with dandruff myself but both my 8 year old daughter  and my 13 year old son have inherited the problem from their father.  As soon  as I brought home Dr. Earles products home, I managed to help eliminate this  problem in my household and I am not letting it come back.” 

– Allison Finley

  "Once I had the worst embarrassing moment when I got my hair cut at the   local barbershop.  My dandruff was so bad that have such bad dandruff   that I covered the apron with flakes and my barber started with the snow   flake jokes.  The jokes finally stopped and he then was quite familiar with   the Dr. Earles  product line and he recommended me to pick some up. Since then, there have not been any more snowflake jokes." 

– Brian Johnson

Razor Bump Reviews

“I was surprised when my girlfriend told me that the Dr. Earles Razor Bump Treatment even works for my occasional bikini wax and tweezing.  The Razor Bump Treatment quickly eliminated the post wax bumps that I always experience after my waxing.”

Emina D., Atlanta, GA.

“Since my skin always breaks out into severe Razor Bumps, I think that I have almost tried every Razor Bump product out on the market until I tried Dr. Earles Razor Bump Treatment. Trust me. . .No other product out there can achieve what this product can. I finally found the Razor Bump Treatment that I am completely satisfied with.”

Mike O., Las Vegas, NV
“When it comes down to hair and skin care, I only listen to my barber since that is his expertise. When he told me that the Dr. Earles Razor Bump Treatment is the best on the market, I knew that I could trust him.  Know I trust him as well as the Dr. Earles brand name.”

Kenny I., Chicago, IL.

Skin Care Reviews

“I work in the entertainment industry and appearance is unfortunately sometimes as important as performance. Therefore, I only count on the Dr. Earles Skin Care System to assist me in maximizing my beauty.”

Allison S., Los Angeles, CA

“I have tried 2 other “fancy” Skin Care Systems and always demanded my money back as I was always left unsatisfied and disillusioned. My friend then recommended the Dr. Earles Skin Care System, and this has been the first Skin Care System that actually worked for my skin type.  I have been using the Dr. Earles Skin Care System for over a year now.”

Lawanna B., Detroit, MI



From Latisha of Chicago, Illinois

This product is great I have a severe case of dandruff and with this product I don’t generate dandruff as fast and I’m not washing my hair as much giving my scalp time to create the natural oils it needs

Great Products

From O'Bryan of Houston, Texas

The only reason I didn't give it five stars is
because some Walgreen's used to carry the products, but no other place does here in Houston, TX.  Please let me know when any store will carry it. I really do like them. And that’s all I want to buy. Although I still have the problem of an itchy scalp. But I think it's nerves, I get it when I am getting ready for bed or some mornings It's horrible!

  Highly Recommended for ppl w/eczema 

From Anonymous of Chicago, Illinois

I love the hair and scalp treatment. I'm only able to get the trial sizes from Walgreen's, because the full size isn't available but it works wonders for my scalp. I have eczema in my head and this works to keep my scalp from peeling and flaking. Thanks Dr. Earl hopefully you'll get some full bottles in Walgreen soon!!

  A gift from God 

From Latrina M of Dallas, Texas

I purchased trial sizes of the scalp ointment and shampoo about 1 month ago. I'm very pleased with the results thus far. I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis six years ago and was using a steroid foam after shampooing to control the itching and flaking--which it did not do consistently. I would shampoo my hair every 5-7 days because the itch and flakes were so bad. The scalp ointment has stopped my itching and flaking--almost completely, and I can go longer between shampoos. I truly believe your product is a gift from God. Bless you and Thank you Dr. Earles.

 Awesome Stuff! 

From Anonymous of Country Club Hills, Illinois

I used this product a lot when it was sold at the local Walgreen! It really helped with my skin, although I would NOT recommend leaving the skin peel on overnight. I did so while having it on a cotton ball and got a huge chemical burn on my face, just to get rid of a bump before a date. Needless to say, that was my own doing since the bottle never recommended it. But now that I know I can buy this online, I'm excited!! I lost hope after I stopped seeing it at Walgreen. Hopefully, it will be sold there again. Love your products! Top notch quality and everything does what it says it will do. This product helped get me the best skin days of my life so far

 Closest Cure to Clear Skin

From Anonymous of Chicago, Illinois

I became a client of Dr. Earles over five year's ago. I suffer from severe acne which left "ice picks" in my face. I also suffered from hormonal breakouts occasionally which was frustrating at times because I work in a high level position. These breakouts also would seem to be induced by additional levels of stress. Dr. Earles Skin Care System is the best available to any and all acne skin conditions. After the first week of using this product, I noticed no redness in my skin, more even-skin tones, and my skin seem to "smile" daily because of the hydration. With continued use over the year's, I have not had any breakouts. I would say keep ordering the product. Thanks Dr. Earles!!!

  Hydrating cream

From Anonymous of Lansing, Michigan

I was at the local Walgreens drug store and needed a sample size moisturizing face lotion for a one night stay at a friends house, I found this little sample size of Dr. Earles moisturizing lotion and from the moment I used it, my face felt so soft and silky and non greasy, so far, im very impressed.

 Very Highly Recommended!!!

From Carla P. of Chicago, Illinois

The Dr.Earles skin care system not only works it is wonderful on African American skin. This product does not only remove dark spots it reduces additional acne at the same time.
This is a must have.

 Highly recommended

From Tamiko Henry of Chicago, Illinois

This product works wonders within a matter of 2 days. i had a pimple that appeared on my cheek just 2 days before a special engagement, i used the product and by the second day the pimple was just about gone, unlike other products that i have tried that would normally take a week before you start to notice any small results. Thank you Dr. Earles, I've found my facial miracle product

  Highly Recommend

From Kathy of Lisle, Illinois

I bought a sample package at our local Walgreens on clearance. I have very oily skin, I am 60 years old and still breakout. I tries the cleanser, day cream & night peel. I cannot tell you the difference in my skin. My large pores have diminished, all pimples have dried up and my skin looks smooth and fresh. Thanks Dr. Earles

Client Comments and Questions

Did you Know your razor bump treatment (green)- helped tremendously in minimizing keloids on my chest area, but the medicated wash helped those raised keloid areas on the underjaw of my face.  I would like to order these products separately for keloids.  The razor bump treatment gradually smoothes the keloids out when mixed with a basic household item because it can cause dryness and will flake off, but for someone like me, with severe keloid problems, its a miracle. I am in Mississippi, my sister sent me samples because of the skin problems I have always had. She is the best sister in the world. she sends me the samples from Walgreens in Chicago. I'd like to buy my own and not bother her.

Hello Dr,Earles, your hair care product looks nice and i want to ask you about long does it take for your hair to grow after using your hair product and how often do you have to wash and condition your hair for it to really get long and healthy

Response From Dr. Earles Hair and Skin Care Products ,LLC:

My product will make
Your hair grow
How long will it take?
I don't know

For in this world
Of the human mane
No two people 
Are the same

So, my answer, Dear Quela
For, what will be, 
Is, we'll just have 
To wait and see

Dr. Earles

Will I still be getting the original Hair and Scalp Treatment when I order online or has it been replaced by the new No More Flakes product now at Walgreens.

Response From Dr. Earles Hair and Skin Care Products ,LLC:

 The name has changed
But the compound is the same
And that is why
It still has my name

I'm simply saying 
What it does
But it's the same product
That it was

Dr Earles

I am an African American female. I am experiencing hair loss on the top on my head. My mother also experienced the same hair loss. My father still has a full head of hair.  I suspect my hair loss may be heredity. Would your products work for me?  From what I read on your web site, it sounds like your product may not work on hereditary hair loss. Please provide opinion.

Response From Dr. Earles Hair and Skin Care Products ,LLC: 

Aloma, although many women have inherited hair loss, there are other reasons for women to have hair loss. Sometimes, it is caused by various beautification processes such as
braiding, weaves and perms. If there has been too much of a good thing, your hair and scalp may be protesting. A trip to your local Dermatologist should clear the matter. 

Dr. Earles

I have dreadlocks, however, the itching is so unbearable at times until I have scratched my scalp raw. Can your product help me, and if so, which do I use, and how soon would I see and feel the difference? I have tiny bumps that are beginning to spread (only on the top of my head). My biggest problem is the top and edges of my hair. I am beginning to notice the lower back and edges thinning out. Need help ASAP!

Response From Dr. Earles Hair and Skin Care Products ,LLC:

Thank you for your question. Your issue DOES seem very urgent and in need of immediate attention. Locking the hair can be both an attractive and healthy hair style, but as you have found, it can have downsides. The itching and flaking that can accompany these types of styles have to be addressed with real attention. The Dr. Earles Hair and Scalp Care system will 1) stop the itching within 1 day of use and continue to prevent itching as long as you continue to apply it moderately. 2) Stop flaking within a week. 3) Kill the bacteria which is triggering the formation of the small scalp bumps. This issue must be addressed ASAP, because the more you scratch your scalp, the more damage is done to it, which will, in turn, cause more permanent scarring that prevents hair from growing. We definitely prescribe the Dr. Earles Hair & Scalp Care System for this issue. 


The Dr. Earles Team

 I've got dreadlocks and conditioners that soften and moisturize the hair will loosen them which I don't want to happen so I won't be using the shampoo, which leads me to the question. I understand I don't need to use the shampoo, just the treatment cream, but since I have dreadlocks would I need to use any on them or still just the scalp?

Response From Dr. Earles Hair and Skin Care Products ,LLC:

 You are an ideal client for us. A significant number of our patients have natural hair and haven't been able to find suitable treatment for dandruff and other scalp conditions (itching, flaking, etc...). However, I reviewed your question with Dr. Earles himself and he stressed the importance of washing your hair, even if only minimally. Once every two weeks should be fine. The shampoo is not a conditioner/moisturizer and will not overly loosen the locked hair. Also, a stylist who has experience with locked hair will be able to wash it without disturbing the style. If you use a stylist, or plan to use one, we would be happy to contact him/her and discuss your situation with them.

Response From Dr. Earles Hair and Skin Care Products ,LLC: 

Dear Debra:

I have had a colleague in charge of responses to Dr. Earles products users, so I was unaware that your comment had not been responded to.  I was not aware that anyone had been using my products for keloids. I am happy that they have helped you. What part of Mississippi are you from. My wife was born in
Mound Bayou and lived there as a little girl before coming to Chicago.

Take care,

Dr. Earles 

I have bumps on my face now.  Will Exfoliating Acne Peel work on getting rid of them?  I just started using it.

Response From Dr. Earles Hair and Skin Care Products ,LLC:

Hi Helen:

I had a colleague in charge of some correspondence and I was unaware that your question was not answered. My Exfoliating Acne Peel is good to get rid of acne bumps. Depending on how large they are, you may need an antibiotic in addition. Your local Dermatologist or Primary Care Doctor should be able to help you.

Dr. Earles




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